Sunday, August 27, 2006

Roughin' it

Within an hour of our upstairs unit going out, the house was uninhabitable. We packed quickly and were ready to go when Jimmy arrived from Florida.

We had a penthouse suite on the top floor of our hotel that gave everyone a place to sit and luxuriate in the coolness for a couple of hours. We popped popcorn and were able to partake in the complimentary snacks.

We talked about going out for dinner, but the thought of going back into the heat was very unappealing. We chose to eat downstairs in the hotel restaurant so as to enjoy uninterrupted coolness.

Per our normal Clampet mind set, we had a coupon for "Buy 2 adult entrees, Get 3 kid's meals free." Neither the waitress nor the restaurant manager had ever seen that particular coupon, but begrudgingly honored it. Sutton said the restaurant probably never had to worry about it before because, really, how many people bring five kids in there? True.

Swimming was next on the agenda. Fortunately, the pool was indoors with a hot tub. And yes, as crazy as it sounds, and believe me, I heard about it, I spent all of my time in the hot tub. It just felt good.

When we thought they were all good and tired, we took the kids back to the room. Landon, seen above, had his portable DVD player so he could listen to his Wiggles while the rest of us didn't have to.

We ordered room service dessert, shown below, that luckily, ended up being comped because they lost our order. In our Clampet world, free is good. We went to bed stuffed, cool and happy.

Jimmy met the AC guy back at our house at 6:00am this morning to get the downstairs unit working. Still no luck on the upstairs unit that has run non-stop for the past 11 days, trying to cool the whole house. It's burned out and tired. We are on the schedule again for 6:00am tomorrow in hopes of repairing the second unit.

Until then, looks like all the kids will be sleeping downstairs with us. No penthouse suite, swimming pool or room service here. But things are looking good for visiting Sutton at work later for half-price ice cream.

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