Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Standard procedures

Homework is an interesting time in our household. Each child's homework routine is as unique as the child.

Sutton likes to do her homework quickly, as soon as she gets home, and often days in advance. She will worry and brood until the assignment is complete and turned in.

Reagan will talk about the homework, the teacher who assigned the homework, the friends in her class in which she received her homework, and what snack she could have until she actually begins the homework.

Keaton will refuse to believe she has homework, but once convinced, we have to follow certain rules. We have to turn off any and all artificial sounds in the house. She has to have her papers in front of her, her pencil sharpened, the directions read and re-read to her. And you better watch out if she makes a mistake because her frustration is venomous.

Hayden has to have a "helper" of some sort with him for every second he is working. He wants to do his homework as he sings the Jimmy Neutron song (or any other song he can think of at the time), tattles on friends at school, inquires time and again about dinner, complains about his brother, and corrects his helper who is often armed with several advanced degrees.

Landon loves homework time more than any other time of day. He gets to do what everyone else is doing and feels very successful. His favorite task is, "Mommy, me write you name?" He does a beautiful job of it, too.

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