Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Learning the ropes

Landon (walking up to mom with a mouth full of something): "Hi, Mommy!"

Mom (suspicious at his friendliness, especially since Daddy's gone and Landon is never happy about that.): "Hi, Landon. What's in your mouth?"

Landon: "Nuffin."

Mom: "Something is in your mouth. What is it?

Landon (barely able to speak, his mouth so full): "Gum."

Mom: "Where did you get gum?"

Landon: "Up dere." (pointing to a top cabinet in the kitchen...ugh.)

Mom: "You are not supposed to get up there, Landon. And it looks to be a whole lot more than a single piece of gum. How many pieces of gum are in your mouth?"

Landon (holding up his fingers): "Two."

Mom: "That is more than two pieces of gum."

Landon: "Daddy said so."

Mom: "Dad said you could have gum?"

Landon (gesturing largely with drool running down his chin): "Yes, a whole bunch !"

I think he learned that trick from his brother.

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