Monday, August 14, 2006

The great countdown

In 16 hours and 13 minutes (I'd count the seconds if I could calculate them) four of our five children will be in school...full time...busy...not fussing with each other...not calling "Mom!" every few seconds...not needing a drink...not needing a snack...not needing a ride to someplace else.

In 16 hours and 13 minutes I will be home with ONE child and the teachers at school will be enjoying my other children's company (surely they will!).

In 16 hours and 13 minutes those children will be perfect angels in those teachers' classrooms, as my kids always save their less-than-pretty sides for me.

In 16 hours and 13 minutes Landon and I will head to Target (the "Slurpee store" as he calls it) for our celebratory toast; his Icee and my Grande Mocha Frappuccino with no whip. We will salute our impending time together, the lunches we'll soon have with Daddy, and the quietness awaiting us at home.

In 16 hours and 13 minutes I will thank God for allowing me to make it through yet another summer with my angels, ask for forgiveness if needing a break from them makes me a bad mother, and say a special prayer of thankfulness that I can be Mommy to five of the most wonderful children He has ever created.

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