Sunday, August 13, 2006


Hayden: "Mom, May I have some gum, please?"

Mom (getting up to get gum): "Yes, you may."

Landon (following, so he doesn't miss out): "Gimme gum!"

Mom to Landon: "Use your manners. What do you say?"

Landon (proudly, knowing this answer): "Gimme gum, peese."

Mom: "Landon, you say, 'May I have gum, please?'"

Landon (thinking to himself, "Like I said..."): "Gimme gum, peese."

Mom (kneeling down to Landon's eye level): "Okay, repeat after me...May I..."

Landon (repeating slowly because he really wants that gum): "May I..."

Mom: "...have some gum, please?"

Landon: "...have gum, peese!"

Mom: "Good! Now you say it."

Landon: "May I... gimme gum, peese!"

Mom (heavy sigh): "Never mind; here's your gum.

Landon (thinking, that was too easy): "Thank you, Mommy!"

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