Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The school bell (FINALLY!) rang

This morning actually began last night. I had everyone's clothes ironed, lunches made, backpacks packed, little bodies bathed, jammies on and most of the kids in bed by 7:30.

I was feeling pretty cocky. All I had left to do was make sure Sutton got herself ready for today (she's 16, so there's not much she'll even let me do), and get Landon to sleep. I wasn't worried. In fact, I was looking forward to an early bedtime myself.

Three hours later, Landon was still awake and very fussy; not wanting to sleep in his new "Big Boy Bed." We've had such a time getting him to stay upstairs in his bunk bed with Hayden that we bought him a toddler bed that we put next to our bed downstairs.

The first night he stayed in it and all I had to do was hold his hand every few hours so he could go back to sleep. Last night he wasn't going to be appeased so easily. We butted heads for three hours. He fell asleep about 11:00 only to rise again at 3:15am.

We've been up ever since.

So this morning he was grumpy. (Okay, I admit it, I might have been a little grumpy too.) Fortunately the other kids can dress themselves so that part went smoothly. Breakfast was eaten, teeth brushed, shoes on...and we still had 30 minutes until anyone had to leave.

Normally I'd be thrilled with our prompt preparedness, but Hayden decided to sing, at decibels beyond my level of tolerance, a new kindergarten song he made up. It consisted of, one word and one word alone, oddly, it was...KINDERGARTEN! (Go figure.)

Such was the theme throughout the morning.

Mom: "Hayden, you need to eat your banana."
Hayden: "Yes, because I'm in kindergarten."
Mom: "Hayden, please brush your teeth."
Hayden: "I'm going Mom, because I'm in kindergarten, you know."
Mom: "Hayden, have you seen your brother's ball?"
Hayden: "No, but I go to kindergarten today. Did you know that, Landon?"

Ugh..it continued all morning. At least he was excited.

Sutton took Reagan to school and I took Keaton and Hayden. It was so sweet to watch them enter their classrooms, excited and eager to begin the school year. That thought was short-lived, however, as I tried not to run over the other mom's on my way out the door with Landon...to Target for that frappaccino and icee and then home, to take a nap. (Um, him, not me...really!)

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