Monday, January 17, 2011

Am I glowing?

While watching all those fancy celebs strut their fancy stuff and look all fancy last night on the Golden Globes, my own “stylists” decided I needed a makeover.

I started out as Peyton (3) and Landon’s (7) project.  They seemed to think I was devoid of color and we needed to crank it up a notch. 


They succeeded.  It looks like I suffer from 3rd degree burns.  Who knew bronzer could provide such great coverage?


Hayden (9) soon came to help out.  Yep, I needed three stylists. 


It was the boys who said I should look like a football player so they began drawing under my eyes; you know, for sun protection and all.

Interesting, yet still unexplained, symbol on my forehead.


I guess to some it may seem they got a little carried away.IMG_2447

Truth us, I really like how it makes my teeth look whiter:)



Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA!! Looking good, Mom ;)


Gina said...

Tin Man with rust??