Friday, September 03, 2010

Another reason I love Texas

Some very special friends, and by special I mean they are so special they make me squeal (!), gave the girls and me tickets to the Cowboys game last night.  It was last minute and unexpected so we worked through homework, a school-related meeting, multiple drop-offs, pick-ups, and somebody had to have new Cowboys apparel before we headed to the stadium.

But we didn’t care because it was A-MAZING!!


Look closely Cowboys fans, there’s Jason Witten, Miles Austin, Tony Romo and Coach Wade Phillips below:IMG_8753

Keaton and her best friend Lauren.IMG_8795

Keaton and mom.


Field goal!


Lauren, Keaton, Reagan, and Rea’s friend Seth.IMG_8806 IMG_8805



IMG_8825 IMG_8812 IMG_8791

Gooooooooooo Cowboys!

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