Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Bitty girl Bieber fever

images I have not written about this before because I assumed it would be a fleeting relationship, but what I deemed harmless has proven to be utter obsession. 

A few months ago, Keaton (13) introduced Landon (6)  to a Justin Bieber YouTube music video.  Landon was immediately hooked and spent an inordinate amount of time watching and listening to Justin Bieber.  Because Peyton (3) is convinced she and Landon are the same (“I six yeas old wike Bubba”), Peyton watched each video over his shoulder and, unbeknownst to us, she learned every word to any JB song we played.

She eventually taught herself how to find YouTube on my phone and she can navigate the complex links I have yet to master, to go immediately to Justin Bieber videos.  She plays them over and over (and over and over) (and OVER).  Even when her favorite 4 year old cousin, Dayden, was visiting, Peyton only had time for Justin.


I’ve found her behind the closed door in my bathroom doing this:
IMG_8568 IMG_8567
Secret Justin viewing.  I told you, it’s an issue.

We wake up in the morning, she tells me about her Justin dreams, she asks to go to his house.  I pick out her clothes, she decides whether or not Justin will like my selection; if he won’t, she demands a change.  She roll plays with me, “Mom, Justin is here, say hi.” I say hi, she invites him for snacks.  Her teachers say she talks of little else.  She can turn any conversation, no matter how mundane, into a Justin commentary.

Me: “Peyton, would you like cheese?”
Her: “Yes, mommy, I want cheese.  And Justin wants cheese too.  But nevah mind, we ah going to Justin’s house tomowwow (tomorrow) so we’ll get some there.  He weally likes cheese.”


Me: “Awww, Peyton, look at that cute baby!”
Her: “Yeah……You ‘member Mommy? When I was a baby? Justin used to hold me.” **giggle giggle** “We goin’ to his house tomowwow, wight Mommy?!  You take me, wight Mommy?!”

This has gone on daily for months.  The Justin Bieber shirt I bought her?  She wore it for three days straight AND talked to it in the mirror.

Toddler insanity, I tell you.

Friday night when we went to Family Fun Night, Peyton came running to me screaming, “Mommy! Justin’s HEA! (here) Come see him and bing the camewa! Huwwy up!”

We ran to “Justin” and she could do nothing but giggle and stare.  No words.  She wouldn’t even let me take her picture with him.  Completely star-struck.
Justin4593037654_08d5345e4d_o  “Justin”IMG_8737

Note the resemblance?  Yeah, she's convinced it was him.

I’m happy to say that she tells everyone now that Mommy took her to see Justin Bieber.

So now, my work here is done.


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