Thursday, July 01, 2010

It was zoo-pendous!

My little Peyton (3) and my sister’s little Dayden (3) have both been wanting to go to the zoo.  So being the incredible parents that we are, we made it happen.  I discovered it’s easy to plan a zoo trip on your computer from your air-conditioned perch at home; it’s another thing to actually go to the zoo when it’s 459 degrees in Texas.

Not only did we brave the heat, but we lasted five hours(!!) and had a really great time.


Landon and Peyton waiting for Auntie Gina, Uncle David and Dayden to arrive.IMG_8277



Poppie shot!  It’s a family joke:)


IMG_8294 IMG_8304 IMG_8308 IMG_8310

Peyton wanted a picture with the giraffe.  If you look very closely, you can see the giraffe waaaay in the back.IMG_8314  IMG_8307 IMG_8336 IMG_8281 IMG_8337 IMG_8330  IMG_8341 IMG_8325IMG_8349 IMG_8355 IMG_8360 IMG_8362  IMG_8375


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