Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Girls’ getaway

Sutton (20), Reagan (15), and Keaton (12) were able to go on vacation with family but without mom and their little siblings…a much needed break for girls who deserve not only that, but so much more.  My car thermometer read 105 degrees in Texas today.  It goes without saying that the beaches of Florida seem much more appealing.

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Linda up north said...

Oh that looks wonderful... are they on the Atlantic side? How great they can take a vacation together!
I dearly wish I could complain about the heat in No. Minn.
Keeping you always in my prayers,
Linda Up North

Anonymous said...

So so glad they are having a good time! They gave me an oil update today....we are headed to Seagrove in July and I am just keeping my fingers crossed that we get at least a day or two of beach time! I'm sure they'll have lots of good stories to tell!