Monday, June 21, 2010

Playing hooky

Landon began to grow weary of school the last few weeks; in fact, the school nurse and I became fast friends as often as she would call me to say Landon wasn’t feeling well.  He wasn’t “sick sick,” as we call being truly yucky-sick, but rather it was the I’m-six-years-old-and-I’m-tired-of-school-and-just-want-to-play kind of sick.  He kept telling me “I just want to be with you, Mom.” Stab me in the heart, why don’t you? He’s a bit of a con-artist, I realize, but I love him:)

So one day I picked him up from the school nurse’s office and brought him to work with me.  He watched his dvd and ate snacks.  He flirted with the women in the office, especially Miss Danielle.IMG_0062

She made him signs for his room.  We went to lunch.IMG_0063

He got to watch some of the workers.IMG_0066

“I really REALLY want to play in this water, Mom.”IMG_0068

He took pictures.

IMG_0075 IMG_0089

He spun around in the chair ‘til he couldn’t see (or walk)straight.  He kept us all in stitches.IMG_0072

He also shredded a ton of paper for Miss Lisa, so much so that he earned $2…a veritable windfall when you’re six.

On the way home, he fell fast asleep.  Notice the $2 he’s clasping?


We went straight to the dollar store…IMG_0116

…and he went straight for the toys he’d been eyeing.IMG_0117

Guess who called me the next day?  Yep, my friend the school nurse.  Hayden decided that sick days are too much fun to miss.  Problem is, he said he felt like throwing up so I couldn’t take him to work with me. We stayed home and snuggled.  Pampering on the couch and a mom/son lunch out was still satisfying enough.


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