Thursday, May 06, 2010

Yeah, my mom did the same thing


I picked Reagan (15) and Keaton (12)  up from school recently and they were telling me about their days.  I listened carefully but, as usual, I couldn’t keep myself from correcting their grammar and usage.  I didn’t really interrupt, per se, I would just interject quietly the corrected word or phrase.

Keaton (exasperated):  “I HATE having a mom who was an English teacher.”

Me (startled by her frustration):  “What? Why would you hate that?”

Keaton:  “Because everyone else’s mom, you tell a story, they just listen.  My mom, you tell a story, she listens, you say something wrong, and she goes totally “VOCAB” on you!!”


Gina said...

BAHAAHAHAAHAA!! Oh Keaton-I know EXACTLY how you feel...bahaahaahaa!!!

Anonymous said...

That is so funny! Mother STILL corrects me from time to time! =)