Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Best of the bench

I’ve mentioned how much I’m enjoying Landon’s soccer season in previous posts, but one of the reason’s I’m having so much fun is getting to take pictures of all of the kids.  I’ve taken hundreds of pics so far this season of each player and the team, and yet the ones that get me laughing at my computer each time I view them are all of the pictures of the bench.

These kids are six.  They enjoy playing soccer but they’d enjoy just about anything they’re getting to do; watching others do something  isn’t near the fun.  So I took pictures periodically of the little guys watching, um, being at the game.

They are sitting quietly and not causing trouble, but they couldn’t care less about what is happening on the field, and I think it’s so funny to watch them not watching the game.


“Um, yeah, so…(*sigh*)…yeah.”


“Did you hear Pablo?!”


“Our goal is THAT way!!”IMG_6899

“You guys wanna grab a burger or something if we ever get done here?”IMG_7238

“So I hear first grade is gonna be tough, what have you heard?”IMG_7192

“UGH.  Seriously.  When will this be OVER?!”IMG_6970 (I’ve looked at this last picture about fifty times and I giggle out loud every time.  I love it!)

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