Monday, May 10, 2010

An object in motion tends to wear this mother out

Sutton (20) couldn’t come home from college this weekend because of work, so I had to settle for five of my six sweet children for Mother’s Day.  After our fabulous dinner (post below), I decided these rowdy kiddos needed to get their wiggles out, so we went to a neighborhood town square where I tried to…keep up.

There was lots of this: IMG_7302

and this: IMG_7322

And some of that: IMG_7334

and that:IMG_7339

And even a few of those:IMG_7331

and those: IMG_7335

But the greatest parts were these:

IMG_7309 IMG_7323 IMG_7318

IMG_7310 IMG_7305 IMG_7315

Notice my death grip on the littlest wiggler?  Still is not in her vocabulary.  But we had a wonderful time.


Anonymous said...

WOW, my family is BEAUTIFUL!!!

I love ya'll so much :)


Vanesa said...

miss se you guys! I hope you guys had a gret time on Mom Day..