Monday, May 10, 2010

Bookstore groupies

We all love a good bookstore, so that was our final stop for Mother’s Day (other posts are below).  Hayden (8) is all about The Wimpy Kid series while Reagan (15, and my most avid reader) loves anything with words.  She hides in bathrooms and closets so she doesn’t have to put down her books.  Keaton (12) has just begun to enjoy reading but she’s stuck in these weird, dark, teenage-girl-kills-her-best-friend-and-never-finds-peace kind of books that freak me out a little.



(**Big Blog Post Detour** Perfect strangers regularly come up to me and comment on my big bag.  Seeing this picture, OMG!, they’re right!  It’s HUGE!  Not much will cover my butt but that thing sure does.  Hmmmm…on that note, never mind, I’ll definitely keep using it.)


Landon (6) wants to read anything and everything.  He’s gone from not reading a word at the beginning of the school year to reading small chapter books.  I’m reminded now, with my fifth child reading, just how exciting a time it is for them and me.IMG_7345

Then there’s Peyton (3).  She asks me to read to her daily, sometimes hourly.  She memorizes Landon’s daily readers at night as he reads, then she recites them to us one by one.  She’s sharp. 


Peyton will read and read until she remembers she hasn’t pulled at her belly button in the last oh, say, twenty seconds so she drops all she’s doing, shows her panties to the world and stands entranced.  Yeah, that freaks me out a little too.  I’m going to try the whole ignore-it-and-see-if-it-goes-away route for now.  Anyone have any experience with this?  It’s a new one for me.

IMG_7350   IMG_7352 IMG_7355

Boy, this post kind of went all over the place.  Sorry.

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