Friday, May 28, 2010

Cast off

Peyton (3) hadn’t had much difficulty with the broken leg while it was in a splint and she could crawl anywhere she wanted.  She was happy and played all week, especially with biggest sister Sutton who is visiting from college. IMG_7600 IMG_7602

Then Thursday came and the cast was put on.  Yeah, it may be pretty and pink to us…IMG_7606

…but she’s been grumpy ever since.  It’s heavy and bulky and hot.  Today she began crawling and dragging that bum leg behind her.  She’s irritable and frustrated, begging me to take it off.

IMG_7607IMG_7610  IMG_7641IMG_7629 IMG_7630

Only four more weeks.

1 comment:

Linda up north said...

aw... poor little pumpkin. What a way to start the summer. Hope she is doing better now!