Thursday, April 22, 2010

Big Boy Bird Business

A sweet momma blue bird decided she would build her nest right next to our front door.  Since the first twigs were placed against the wall, Landon has been completely obsessed with every step of the process.  When I can’t find him, he’s usually sitting, standing, crouching, or lying in a corner hoping the momma bird will forget he’s there and continue her nest-building. 


She’s since decided Landon holds no threat and will swoop in and out of the breezeway, chirping cautiously at the tiny intruder. IMG_7046 IMG_7042

Hayden concluded that bird-watching is a two-man job so he assumed the squatter’s position with his brother and began whistling…an attempt to call momma bird out of the nest. IMG_7045

There she is.  It was amazing to watch.


The boys followed her as she whipped in and out of the nest, making finishing touches.IMG_7047

But this was also his perch for hours, sitting quietly, whispering, being sweet and slow. IMG_7040

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