Monday, April 26, 2010

Jump Zone

Part of Peyton’s 3rd birthday celebration involved jumping…lots of jumping.  In fact, other than a Dora book, that’s all she’s talked about; so we went jumping.

When we first arrived at the Jump Zone, she was unsure.  There were bounce houses everywhere and they were massive.


Her brothers, however, knew how wonderful it all was and paused just long enough to let me get a pic. IMG_7050

Peyton decided the see-saw was less scary.


Reagan watched over everyone.  Thank goodness.


This, I was told, would be a grumpy face photo.IMG_7076

Ah, my surly 12 year old hidden away and listening to her ipod.  I was instructed NOT to take any pictures of her.  Probably should have put her in the “grumpy” pic above.IMG_7080

First time down the big slides was a little scary.IMG_7071

Second time wasn’t much better.


But she quickly adapted and did not want to leave.


So fun!


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Gina said...

The pic of Keaton cracks me up!