Thursday, December 17, 2009

Loving them is the easy part; making sure they hear it takes some creativity

Keaton (12) this morning as I drove her to school: "Mom, we need to talk."

Me: "Okay."

Keaton (so serious): "You know yesterday when you dropped me off at school?"

Me: "Yes."

Keaton: "And when I was getting out of the car you said you loved me and told me I was beautiful?"

Me: "Yes."

Keaton (not happy with me): "Well don't do that any more because EVERYBODY heard."

Me: "Keaton, there was nobody around; we were the only ones there."

Keaton: "No, Mom. There was a boy in a Cowboy jacket whose mom had just dropped him off and he heard."

Me: "How do you know?"

Keaton: "Because when he walked by he smiled at me."

Me: "He smiled at you?

Keaton: "YES! So don't do that anymore because you TOTALLY embarrassed me!"

Me: "Okay, I'm sorry. But I do think you're beautiful and smart and funny and..."

Keaton (having lost all patience with me): "I know, Mom, just don't say it in front of anyone. Okay?!"

Me (knowing at this point I should really keep my mouth shut): "Okay."

As we pull up to her school she gets out of the car and opens the back door, this time I whisper my usual, "Bye beautiful girl! Have a wonderful day! I love you so much!"

Keaton, trying to stifle a smile whispers back, "Bye Mom. I love you" and rolls her eyes as she walks away.


Anonymous said...

I love it!! :) The kids can't wait to see your crew this week!

Anonymous said...

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