Friday, December 18, 2009

He wants me to sparkle

I asked all of the children to make a Christmas list for Santa. Landon (6) jumped up quickly and grabbed the nearest piece of paper, eager to get his list compiled. He asked Keaton to do the writing as he did the listing. I was busy tidying things up so I walked in and out of the room, not paying attention to what he was saying but realizing he was saying a lot.

Finally he proudly handed me his extensive list. It read:

- pretty sparky shoes
- makeup
- pretty dress
- pretty scarf
- pretty jacket
- pretty sparkly purse
- Starbuck's gift card
- red sparkly scrunchy
- jewelry
- red sparkly (new) phone
- sparkly sunglasses
- sparkly belt
- car (pink)

I looked at the list and became immediately confused. "Landon, these items are for a girl. Where is your wish list?"

Landon: "I haven't made it yet."

Me: "Why? Who is this list for?"

Landon: "It's for you, Mom."

Me: "For me?"

Landon: "Yes ma'am, I wanted to make sure Santa brought you some presents too."

Me (completely humbled): "Oh Landon. That was so sweet of you. And look at the wonderful items you chose for me! They are perfect!" I listed off a few as he listened.

Landon (smiling so proudly): "Did you see the sparkly shoes? And the sparkly purse? And the sparkly sunglasses?"

Me: "I did! So perfect."

Landon: "Yeah, and Santa will bring you that stuff, mom, 'cause you really need to sparkle.


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jubilee said...

So sweet that he thought of you first! And of course Mama's are meant to sparkle! He's lookin' out for ya!

Gina said...

if only he knew HE makes you sparkle!! love him!

MKHKKH said...

He is a gem for sure!