Friday, November 06, 2009

Rainy recreation

We had big plans on this sunny day. We walked a very long way to the school park. I carried Peyton under the guise of good exercise, but she is two and wanted to walk by herself which was not good news to the big brothers who were in a definite hurry.

We finally arrived and we played and played and (oops!) Mom forgot to check the weather forecast. It was a deluge. We scampered under the protection of the school walkway only to wait and wait and wait some more.

I made the executive decision for us to go for it; walk home in the downpour since there was no lightning and the children were begging to get wet anyway. We giggled and laughed the entire way.

Reagan spotted a lizardly creature in a sidewalk puddle that instantly became Landon's possession. Landon brought him home with us and the poor little fellow (the lizard, not Landon) somehow mysteriously disappeared in the night...never to be seen again.


Puppy impressions?

Landon's long lost buddy.

"I got to walk by myself, play on the swings, slide down a slippery slide, jump in puddles, talk to all the dogs and people we saw, and Mommy let me get all wet! You should see HER hair!"

What a fun afternoon!

Looks like snacks and naps are in order.

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