Sunday, November 01, 2009

Spidey, Skater boy, and Little Miss Stars and Stripes

We went to our church fall festival last week and had a really great time. Keaton (12) chose to do Hayden's makeup and to keep it a surprise from me until the great unveiling. I was horrified but didn't want to stifle her creative(?) endeavor...Hayden was thrilled beyond words at how terrifying he looked.

Peyton was all about the frilly poofy skirt and nearly made herself sick turning in front of the mirror, admiring her adorableness. All was good until I pulled out the camera. If I remember correctly, all six children hit a don't-take-my-picture stage during the terrible-two's. Oh well, I usually figure out a sneaky way to capture her personality.

Stay away from me with that camera.

So cute!

I'll smile with Bubba.

Hayden scared ME, so I know he freaked out other children. His siblings didn't seem to care though.

Cotton candy was the highlight of the night.

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