Saturday, June 27, 2009

Y oh Y

Hayden and Landon have been having a great time at the Y day camp the past few weeks. They play all day long and come home tired. Not too tired, though, as most nights I take them to a local park to run off the last of the wiggles. Last night we went to an after hours event at the Y that we could all participate in. The boys loved showing off to their sisters where they play each day and we all enjoyed a hot dog or two.

Just looking at her makes me smile.

Some of Hayden's camp buddies.

A pre-swim jog for Peyton and big sis Keaton.

Hayden's swim test.

"Watch me, Mom!"

Landon's favorite pool trick...look at those feet!

Hayden told me, "I love this place! It is so AWESOME!"

Keaton is a wonderful swim partner.

Three sisters.

Awwww...sweet baby physique.

We'd been home 20 minutes when I found this:

Little boys love the Y and mommies do too.

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