Monday, June 22, 2009

We. are. family. I've got all my sisters (and mother and daughter) with me

Normally, my days are not my own. And never do I do anything that doesn't involve at least one of my children but usually many more. So you can imagine what a treat it was to spend a little adult time with my sisters, Gina and Krista, my mom, and my oldest daughter, Sutton (See, I always have at least one child around!).

We were cheap: we ate before we left and then had one drink each (nope, not 19 year old Sutton) and sadly for her, us old fogies called it a night before 11. But it was fun while it lasted and I'm back to mommy duty, where I'm really at home.

Sutton, Krista and I on the ride there.

Fast-face novices no more.

Sister, Gina, looking beautiful.

Naunie flanked by her girls.


Anonymous said...

Now that's an AWESOME picture!

Gina said...

I still laugh out loud at the fast face pics!!