Wednesday, December 10, 2008

He's full of 'em lately

Landon(5): "Mom, you've got to teach me FAST how to play my hurmonica because I need a BAND!"


Landon (staring squint-eyed at me after I sternly scolded him, obviously unaffected by said scolding): "Mom, can you teach me how to make my eyebrow go up like yours when you get mad at me? It's cool."


They fuss, they fight, they compete, they tattle, they sob, they battle like vicious enemies. Yet, Landon was thankful for one thing:


Annikke said...

How sweet is that???

Blogging Mama said...

That's so sweet- I loved the last thing he said about the harmonica in a previous post too. That was cute!

Annie said...

So sweet!