Thursday, October 23, 2008

Weary math

One quite spoiled 17 month old little girl who has slept in mommy's and daddy's bed for 17 months, nursing on demand and oh, is she demanding.

One mommy who is at her wit's end with all the night-mothering and has decided that the little girl will sleep in the toddler bed next to mommy's bed ASAP.


One daddy who has demanded that said toddler-bed-experiment take place when he is out of town because there will be crying involved and he is a weak, weak man when it comes to baby tears.


No sleep for little girl. Even less sleep for mommy. And eight solid hours of sleep in a hotel for the weak, weak can't-take-baby-tears daddy who is away on business.

Sometimes, it's really good to be him.


Annikke said...

OH. Poor girls! I feel for ya. Hang in there. Eventually you'l both be sleeping -- even if it is from pure exhaustion!

Gina said...

Oh...hopefully she'll get adjusted soon and you can both get some rest.

Helen said...

I feel ya! After 2 1/2 years of Allan sleeping in his own bed without waking up during the night, he's decided Mommmy & Daddy's bed is now to include him. I allow him to fall asleep in our bed to avoid the neighbors from calling cps. Then I move him to his own. Well, during the night he manages to find his way back.

MKHKKH said...

I am at the 6 mo mark and already counting down the days until he gets in his own bed! I have about 3 more months until I just can't handle it anymore. Way to go for 17!!!