Friday, October 24, 2008

And they said blogging wouldn't pay

A few weeks ago I posted this little diddy about my ironing infatuation. My sister, Krista, thought Faultless needed to read said post so she sent them a link.

Lo and behold they read my blog and contacted Krista to see if they could have my address because they wanted to send me something to thank me for a nice endorsement of their product.

They wanted to send me something? What could it be?

A million dollars? Naaa, probably not.

A lucrative book deal in which I detail my daily ironing adventures? Pfft, I can only wish.

A NEW IRON? That would be su-weet!

When my envelope arrived you can imagine my excitement. I was making plans, I tell you, PLANS for my...whatever it was going to be, since, well, it had to be good because, really, how many people do you know that write a public message regarding her love of, and recent obsession with, spray starch?

See? That's what I'm saying!

So I opened my envelope and there was a lovely letter:

Thank you for your blog regarding your interest in our Faultless Premium Starch...yadda, yadda, yadda...We appreciate the fact that you took the time to put your thoughts into words and positively affect others...yadda, yadda, yadda...We have enclosed some...

(breathe, Devin, breathe) for your next in store purchase of Faultless Premium starch as a thank you...yadda, yadda, yadda.




Who needs a million dollars (oh, the pressure) or a book deal (oh, the work.)

Free starch.

Now that is just plain awesome!

(Thanks Krista!)


Annikke said...

You crack me up!

How awesome to get coupons from the king of starch!

Gina said...

FUNNY!! Only YOU could appreciate starch coupons!

Helen said...


MKHKKH said...

Hey, that is better than I have done! I have had google adsense for almost a year and am up to 40 bucks. You have to get to 100 before they will pay you. LOL. So in about 2 years, I might get a check!

jubilee said...

Twice I posted about a product and someone in the know saw the post and sent me free stuff because of it. Finally! People are recognizing bloggers and how we can influence others!

Good for you!