Friday, October 10, 2008

Sorry I couldn't help

Periodically, I check my site meter to see from where my readers are directed. Usually people simply input the name of my blog or they are pointed here via another blogger who has linked me. However, there are other times when a person has googled or searched words that inadvertently bring them to this site and often I am left to chuckle.

Here are a few searches I noticed recently:

How do I make mom happy?
Good question.
Topless moms
You're a stud
Gee, thanks.
Her boobs on fire
Ouch...I mean, really? You're kidding right?
How to make your mom happy in 2 minutes
For me? Chocolate usually does the trick.
Moms topless holiday pics
Okay, now I think you're just gross.
How to make your mom happy after a detention
Poor kid. Again, try the chocolate.

How very surprised those poor searchers must be when they stumble upon my blog only to discover how un-helpful I truly am. I mean, can't you just picture the little guy frantically searching for any way to make his mother happy?

Dude, seriously, do the chocolate thing; you won't be disappointed.

And to the boob guy, you stink.


Monday through Sunday said...

You crack me

Annie said...

Too funny, fire boobs!

Helen said...

You are so witty!..........and really I do know how to spell clothes. I just realized I used close in the wrong context....must drive a former school teacher crazy!

jubilee said...

Isn't it funny and mind boggling, those searches?!

Devin said...

Nope doesn't bother me at all...I knew EXACTLY what you meant.