Saturday, October 11, 2008

An embarassment of riches

You guys, I am in shock at the wonderful awards I was given this week.

Jubilee over at Notes of Jubilee awarded me some pretty snazzy "bloggy bling" in the form of this:

And isn't it pretty?!

Check out her blog, especially on Fridays, when she posts some of the most delicious recipes.

Then two great ladies gave me this award:

The first was that fun mom, Steph, over at Perpetual Chaos . She mentioned that she loves Texans so much that she married one. And we all know it's tough to do much better than a good ole Texas boy.

Also, my dear bloggy friend, Nikke, over at Mom's in the Fishbowl was kind enough to say that my oldest daughter, Sutton, and I look like sisters.

And she's not even all the way blind!

Ladies, you made my week. Clearly, this blogger world is quite the generous place. Thank you.


jubilee said...

Your bloggy bling is well deserved!

(I married a Texan too!)

Annikke said...

Ha - you crack me up! This was cute the way you posted this!