Monday, October 13, 2008

Foliage envy and clearly I suck as a mom

Sutton (19) is smack dab in the middle of her first semester of college. With her back injury, red-shirting/not red-shirting, volleyball, tough college courses, trying to make new friends, missing her old ones, and being so. far. away. from home, she's been on quite the emotional roller coaster.

And to make matters 100 times worse, this past weekend was Family Weekend and she was the only volleyball player, and just about the only student on campus, with NO PARENTS. She went everywhere alone the entire weekend since all of the other students were with their parents.

Yeah, I'm feeling reeeeeealy good right now.

So, excuse me while I remove the DAGGER FROM MY HEART.

*deep, deep heavy sigh*

She and I did have a long talk last night which was nice, but she cried which made me cry and today I'm very upset by it all. Jimmy is going to see her in two weeks (yay for him) but I can't; I have to be home for the other children which TOTALLY STINKS! I love the other five but Sutton really needs me now.

Anyway, she did send me some pictures she took this weekend from all of the festivities.

While everything looked gorgeous and, obviously, the colors in Virginia in October are insanely beautiful, the bottom line is I should have been there and I wasn't.

So much for supermom.


Gina said...

You SO shoulda called. We coulda run the rest of the kids ANYWHERE they needed to be while you went. Of course, Peyton would have to go with you...cuz I cannot be her all night lollipop...but we can always work something out!!!! Let me know next time b/c I KNOW we can figure something out...even if it takes Mom coming up to help too!!!!!

Devin said...

Thanks Gina, I should have insisted we be there.

You're so sweet; you just made me cry again.

Anonymous said...

There is NO reason why SUPER should be taken out of your name!! Just being able to talk on the phone with you for as long as we did, made my week that much better :)

I Love Yaaaaa!

Helen said...

You have such a great daughter!

Don't they have like an "adoptive parent/kid" program where she can borrow a set of parents in times like these? I know they do exist.

Anonymous said...

Sutton & Devin - I so feel your pain!! I remember a parent weekend or two, concerts/events, etc. without my parents & it seriously stinks on both ends....I also remember sometimes breaking down on the phone with my mom & I know she felt horrible since she was 13 hours away. I know that Sutton has had to deal with a lot this first year (and it's only October!!). Hang in there - Thanksgiving hugs & fun are coming soon!

Anonymous said...

I WAS the one at college alone every weekend and not a quarter in site to call from the one local payphone. I still like to remember those quiet weekends. I was always really happy when classes started up on Monday too. Never waste guilt on something that will help growth and maturity occur faster in the kids. Kids will brag about these stories later in life after you are gone too. God bless you in all you are and all you do.

Andrea said...

Ah, you don't suck! It's got to be tough having kids all over who need you. In the small bump of things, you'll be there for the bigger stuff, late night phone call after the big date, the first final exam.
Don't be so hard on yourself.

Have some chocolate.

Devin said...

Hi babe,

I love you too!


Devin said...

Helen, I've never heard of those progams. I'd have to pick really bad adoptive parents for her so she wouldn't like them better than us!

Libby, I know those times were tough for you and your mom. I have to hope that this is all fostering that independence she needs now. It's just sad sometimes. Come on Thanksgiving!

Anonymous, what a great perspective! Thanks for reminding me that all growth (especially the painful kind) is necessary and beneficial. So you didn't hate your mom?! LOL

Andrea, waaaaaaay ahead of you. I've ravaged my secret stash-o-chocolate and need to purchase massive amounts of reinforcements.

Elisa said...


I feel your pain.
It hurts, time heals the sting.
You are doing your best.
Sutton seems like a wonderful daughter.
My son is in the same city, and I feel like he is in another country.
He is becoming such a fine young gentlemen.
Thank you for making me cry, sometimes crying relieves me, I need a good cry, CHOCOLATE, and a chick flick.

Take care, Elisa

Annikke said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. It didn't work out this time, but next time it will. And she said herself you are still SUPER to her!!

MKHKKH said...

So sorry you are feeling blue. I think that is the hardest part of having a handful of kids is that you feel pulled in so many different directions. You are doing the best you can. Maybe you could take a weekend with Peyton and go visit her. I still think you are super!

Steph said...

Oh Devin - I can't imagine what you're going through. But at least you raised a strong young woman - what a sweet comment she left for you! You & Peyton should head out - what a time, you and your oldest & youngest daughters!