Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy 19th, Sutton

Today is Sutton's birthday.

Today is my daughter's birthday and for the first time in 19 years I'm not with her to celebrate it. That realization makes this day, for me, bittersweet. Perpetually joined at the hip since the day she was born, this is the longest we've been apart. She was my first, I was young, and we have traveled side-by-side through many difficult journeys with only each other to lean on.

I'm happy she's at college and I'm thrilled she's thriving. I'm proud of her passion and her drive and her determination. Her work ethic is staunch and her compassion endless.

She's slowly making a place for herself...herself without mom. There are growing pains that are often debilitating for us both. My role as manager/director has morphed into a role as mentor/guide...my control has weakened as my place as consultant has emerged.

She's there and I'm here, but it's as it should be.

I love you, sweet girl. Happy Birthday.


Helen said...

Happy B-day!

Is that your sis?

It makes me so sad that someday my baby girl will leave me too!

Devin said...

LOL Helen. It's becoming quite clear why my sister loves you so.

Yes, hold on tight! They're gone before you know it:(

Gina said...


Annikke said...

Happy Birthday to the 19 year old who has abandoned her mother -- just kidding! I know she is happy and I know someday they have to move on! Hang in there Devin!

Anonymous said...

Sutton - Happy Birthday from Bailey & Ashlyn! Glad you're enjoying college life!

Anonymous said...

:'''') thanks mom!
this made me cry...love you and miss you sooo very much!


Toia said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. I only pray I have a close relationship with my daughter when she's 19 just as you do with yours.

Thanks for sharing.

MKHKKH said...

I have always thought you must have been a child bride, say 13! I hope I look that good when my 1st baby is 19!

Happy B-day Sutton!