Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lights...Camera...Get those boys outta here!

Jimmy and the other Jimmy shot their infomercial recently and we tagged along to take a peek at the process. The boys were very interested in EVERYTHING and made sure all of their questions were answered. They were eager to find out what Daddy was doing on the sound stage, so they were given a crash course.

The Jimmys.

The stage manager said watching the process woud be even more interesting from inside the film trailer, conveniently located down three floors and in the back parking lot, too far for little boy voices to carry.

They were pretty thrilled with getting to see Coach Johnson again.

Even Granna and PawPaw visited with the coach.

And because she didn't want me to be left out of the "celebrity" photos, Reagan insisted on a supermodel pose from me. Clearly, I missed my calling.

You can stop laughing now.


Gina said...

Can't BFF JJ teach our JJ some cool football workouts that can tire the heck outta those boys? You know some field drills would get em good and tired...

Looks like fun. I think the last time I saw our JJ that dressed up was at your wedding!

Gina said...

BTW-I do that pose all the time...takes away my many chins!

Helen said...

I do beleive that must be a family pose. I've seen your sis strike that pose a time or two.

Anonymous said...

We check your blog daily, just was wondering what the infomercial is for. We love the pose.

Devin said...

Yeah, I've been fighting off the modeling job opportunities. LOL!

The infomercial is for some stock market stuff they do together. Really, I think they get together more now just to talk about fishing, lobster hunting, and boats. You know, the really important things.