Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"I'm ready to QUIT"

I made that statement last night as my five children stood staring at me, wide-eyed and disbelieving. It had been one of those days; in fact, it has been one of those several weeks. I have been cooped up in an RV with these kids-o-mine for a week, not being able to banish their loud, wrestling, arguing, question-asking, needy selves to their rooms or outside or anywhere away from me for a few minutes allowing me to regroup. When we returned home from our trip, Jimmy left for New York and my lofty plans of free time as the children played outside where derailed by several days of rain that are showing no signs of dissipating, so even at home I can't seem to find even a nano-second of the (okay, maybe I'm selfish) me time my mind seems to be craving.

When I decided I'd chance some muddy feet and wet clothing for a few boy-free minutes, I sent them both to the back yard. The area is fenced, they have a playscape, and a lot of area to run and play, so what did they do? This is a photo from the front yard.

Yep, they figured out a way to remove slats from our fence and make the view from the road oh, so lovely. The neighbors are understandably pleased.

The view from the back yard is just as visually stunning. That was a pear tree you see there until they decided to break most of the limbs. The hose you see? It's running full force into a hole in the ground. It's the third time they've pulled that little trick. My neighbor said she discovered the hose running while we were in Virginia...for a WEEK. I can't wait to see the that water bill.

The third picture is of a piece of wood tied to a rope strung from one end of the yard to the other. No reason really. I guess they thought it'd be fun and I just need to be thankful they didn't accidentally hang themselves.

So, Mom is ready to bail. I don't know where I'm thinking I could possibly go at this point. I've still got a list a mile long of before-school-starts necessary to-do's, a daughter regularly calling from college freaking out, and a nursing toddler attached to me day and night. It's not like I could sneak out unnoticed. I suppose I can just fantasize and count down...school starts in FIVE DAYS.


Gina said...

O...M...G!!!!! I am so glad I only have 1 boy. I might have tried to use that rope to strangle one or two! When does school start??

dave said...

Holy cow! The destruction is a bit amazing considering their ages....My behind would have been red if I had done that when I was their age.

So do ya need some help reassembling things? Call Miranda or me if you do.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Please let me know if I can "referee" in any way! I can send Kent over to fix the fence if you would like. Just keep saying.....5 more days.....5 more days. I'll pray for your sanity and your children's lives!


Anonymous said...

I'm speechless....good luck with your countdown until Monday!!

Annikke said...

Ummmmmmmmmm, I don't even know what to say!
I guess my kids having a slip-n-slide in the bathroom was nothing compared to that!
I am soooo sorry!

Steph said...

Thank the Big Guy upstairs that I only have 1 boy. Buuut...I do have one mischevious little girl showing him the ropes. Please tell me I have a few years!

Cindy said...

Even I'm impressed with that level of destruction...