Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mini Mr. Miyagi

Landon had his first Tae Kwon Do class recently. He wouldn't agree to attend if he was just a student like the other kids; he would only go if he was going to be the instructor's helper; he wanted to teach the class.

Yeah, he said that.

So Mr. Jonathan allowed him to come and help and after his teaching debut, our little guy can now think of little else.

Trying to contain his excitement before class.

Showing off those innate karate skills.

So, he ran this way.

And he ran that way.

He even carved out time to interact with his fans.

Then came home and promptly fell asleep on the ottoman.

That teaching stuff sure wears a boy out.


TiffanyB said...

I LOVE that he is stripped into undies to go to sleep. That is EXACTLY like my 6 year old son. No clothes for him when it is time to sleep. Too funny - and too cute!!

Devin said...

Tiffany, Both of my boys like to sleep that way but the youngest strips as soon as we come in the door. Ask Dave and Miranda, we have to force Landon to stay dressed when they come to visit.

(How are you?!?!)

TiffanyB said...

We are fine! My son and daughter enjoy nakedness!! She is content to just wear panties - or not - most days!! I have literally walked into her room first thing in the AM to find her completely nude and "feeding" her babies - whom she also strips immediately when she gets a new one.