Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chasing cherries and What is up with my hair?

Perpetual motion. That's what she is. She stops only to sleep and even that doesn't last. So we chase and corral and attempt to stay one step ahead which usually means three steps behind, and always in hot pursuit.


But look at my hair.

I've always had stick-straight thin hair and so I succumbed in the 80's to the perm when it was considered fashionable; but I, unfortunately, continued the style (sadly quite unfashionably) waaaaay into the 90's.

What can I say, I am ridiculously. slow. to. change when it comes to fashion. Ask my daughters, they don't mind sayin'.

Though once I realized I was one of the few females in the world still sporting a perm (well, that and a complete freak-out when I discovered I was expecting baby #3), I cut my hair and went au naturale, which basically meant straight hair with just enough wave to look stupid.

Thank goodness for flat irons.

So kiddos 4 and 5 came and went and there were no really noticeable follicle changes. But the little girl shown above (a.k.a. Miss Caboose), brought with her some MOMMY CURLS.

And I'm not just talking a few waves. Oh, no. This momma's sporting some major naps that I'm having to learn to manage. I'm having to buy new hair products, y'all.

Oh, how I wish I could have back all that money I spent on perms. At least then I'd have money for the activator I need now to maintain my jheri curl.


Gina said...

WOW! I had no idea you had gotten so much curl to your hair!! I am so jealous. I would love to have that natural wave. You should go with it, it's really cute!

Devin said...

Yes, it's so curly that I'm having a hard time straightening it some days. I'm getting more and more lazy lately and just leaving it wavy. Sure is easier!

Annikke said...

This happened to me too. I had straight hair and then whamo- after baby #4 I ended up with curly hair that I had NO IDEA how to work with. I, too, switched up my hair products in order to deal with it.
My neice ended up with red hair after baby #2 -- strange things happen to us after pregnancy!!

Helen said...

Lazy look?.......Looks good!! I like it, but I'm not having anymore babies to achieve that look.

TiffanyB said...

I had similar hair issues - though in reverse. My hair is naturally curly - uber-puffy and uber-frizzy at times. After my first son was born, it was STRAIGHT for a year - so much so that it wouldn't even hold a perm!! Then, it curled right back, much more manageable, so I grew it out with my second pregnancy and it looks the best it EVER has. Hormones are STRANGE!!

Devin said...

Wow, I didn't realize it was so common. Guess I need to stop while I'm ahead...I'd hate to have another baby and end up with a bright red 'fro.

MKHKKH said...

Ah man, you mean I have to have 6 kids to get good hair? bummer got the tubes tided. :)

Steph said...

Guess I'll just have to deal with my mop...cuz I think if I had 5 or 6 (or 3 kids) for that matter, I would pull my hair out and it wouldn't matter! LOL

BTW, it looks great!