Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm sunburned but for good reason

Landon (4) learned to swim yesterday. It took him all of an hour, but by the end of that hour he had gone from lessons on how to kick his feet, all the way to jumping off the diving board and swimming (by himself!) to the side of the pool.

The boy is quick.

We initially talked him out of his polywog suit that had kept him afloat for two summers. Once he had stripped that off, were then left with one extra skinny boy sporting tiny boxer briefs and his big sister's t-shirt.

He quickly became a willing pupil who pushed himself much harder than his father or I. And in the process he sputtered a little, squealed and high-fived a lot, and made several tinkle-runs to the grass nearby because of too much excitement and a few unexpected drinks of pool water. But he was determined; convinced as usual that he is just as big as his brother.

Now, we are by no means confident enough in his ability to just let him go without close supervision, but he is swimming. And while Jimmy's and my red face, arms, and back are burning and sore, the peace of mind that little Landon can make it across the pool and can get to the side if he falls in is worth this mild discomfort and any more that might be necessary.

Way to go swimmer boy!

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Annikke said...

Maybe that will help keep him out of trouble