Monday, June 16, 2008

Girl fight...and the one who gave up

I warned Reagan (13) that the constant picking on Sutton (18) was going to get her into trouble.

She wouldn't listen.

Peyton wanted to "play" too but her sisters just wouldn't stop.

"Well, fine then..."

"...I'll just lie here and pout."


Annikke said...

Gotta admit.... the "play" looks like fun -- and she has a cute pouty face doesn't she???

She is so cute!

Natalie said...

Oh! Another cute outfit! Where do you get them?

I have to ask about Kung Fu Panda. How did they go?

Devin said...

I spend little money on her clothes. I get them on eBay and at a second-hand shop in town. I let all the other mommas pay the big bucks and I wait to get them for a few dollars. It's so much more fun that way and she gets more clothes!

And about Kung Fu Panda...I had several emails and a couple of calls about that so I updated today. It was sooooo worth it. My little demons made it!