Wednesday, May 28, 2008

She works hard for her money

I just want to brag a moment.

Sutton (18) now has two jobs. TWO. She's still working at Outback Steakhouse where she's been since last fall, and she is completing her training period as she transitions from hostess to server.

Now she's added a second job at PetSmart where she checks in dogs at the PetsHotel.

Yes. Dogs. At a pet hotel.

She doesn't normally do dogs, or animals, or even small children for that matter. But she is willing to do it now because they pay her.

Money talks...LOUD.

She left this morning for school and I will see her again tomorrow morning. She goes straight from school today to work, and then works until closing. On the weekends she works from 7am (!!) until 5pm at PetSmart and then from 5:30pm-close at Outback. My philosophy is that if you work like a dog when you're young, you're more apt to finish that degree so maybe you won't have to work like a dog the rest of your life.

She's working hard, she's making money, and she's too busy to do anything else.

This momma's proud.


Aubrey said...

That is so great! My 15 year old son is looking so hard for a job here in CO but it seems like no one wants to hire at this age. Hopefully he doesn't give up and when he finally does find his first job, has the dedication that your daughter has. No wonder you are so proud!

Anonymous said...

way to go !! it's hard to remember back to to a time when i had the energy for all that !?! but we all did it,right? and actually had fun, too. crazy. allison/amomthing