Saturday, January 26, 2008

Warning - If potty humor isn't your thing, do not read this post

Landon (4), screaming from the bathroom: "Oh! My! Gosh! Mom, you gotta come here!"

Mom, hesitant to answer, much less go and look,: "What, Landon? Just tell me."

Landon: "MOM! This is so awesome! You gotta come see it!"

Mom: "Really, Landon, just tell me."

Landon: "Awwww Mom! You're not gonna to believe it! This really big poop just came out and fell in the water and the water splashed up and hit my bottom!!"

Long pause as I cringe.

Landon: "Did you hear me Mom?! Isn't that so awesome?!"

This, my friends, is the person that may some day choose my nursing home.


Just little ol'me said...

only a boy would find that "awesome", lol

Miranda said...

Sadly, I can envision the gleam in his eyes as he describes this "awesome" event.

Abbie said...

AHHHHH!! hahaha Oh my goodness, Devin, that is SO funny. Potty humor? Just my cup of tea lately, c'mon, you know this! :)

Bastet said...

LOL! Gotta love the boys!

The Forney Four said...

that was hilarious!!!

AZMom said...

Ranks right up there with my son's comment of: "I poop like Daddy!"


Devin said...

I am SO glad my boys aren't the only ones. I was worried there for a while that they were a too strange and was concerned about taking them out in public...well, I'm still worried about the public part.

MKHKK said...

Now that is some funny conversation! Boys! I can't wait;)

The Queen said...

Boys will be, well, gross. Mine is absolutely fascinated and impressed with his own body noises and smells. AUGH!