Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fortunately, they love tolerate one another

This morning...

Hayden (6): "Mom, I love you."

Mom: "I love you too, buddy."

Keaton (10): "Mom, I love you."

Mom: "I love you too, Keater."

Long pause as we all stood smiling goofily at one another.

Mom: "Hayden, don't you want to say that to your sister?"

Hayden (stuttering): "Um, well,, 'cause she hits me!"

Mom (to big sister, hoping she'd set an example): "Keaton, don't you want to say that to your brother."

Keaton (backing up slowly and stuttering herself): "Um, well, you know,, 'cause he takes my things!"

Mom (to both): "Do you two ever tell each other 'I love you?'"

Both (eager): "Oh, yes!"

Mom (getting skeptical): "When?"

Keaton: "I told him once!...but it was a long time ago."

Mom (looking at Hayden): "And you?"

Hayden: "I told her twice...last year, I think."

Mom (hoping for some sibling sweetness): "Soooooooo....?"

Hayden (dashing out): "Mom, I'm gonna go in the other room!"

Keaton (backing up): "Yeah, uh, I'm gonna go help with, uh, the baby!"

Mom (yelling towards them as if they are actually listening): "You two are going to love each other if it kills me!! Do you hear me? I won't be around forever, you know! Are you listening? You will love each other!!"

Whoa! I think Mommy needs some chocolate; maybe a whole lot of chocolate.


jubilee said...

This is much like the conversation I recently had with my four and six year olds! Too funny.

BTW can I steal (copy) your crabby mommy powers pic for my site? Where did you find this? It's awesome!

Dee said...

I'm really enjoying your blog! I only have two children, but this reminds me of my house. I tell my kids I love them every night when they go to bed, but getting them to tell each other is not easy. My son has an easier time with it than my daughter.

Devin said...

jubilee, go right ahead and take it. I found it trolling around somewhere and can't remember.

dee, thanks! If you figure out how to make the "I love you's" flow more freely, please let me know. LOL!

Annikke said...

Too funny! I've "been there, done that" too!

Go eat more chocolate!

Amanda said...

I'm constantly telling my two that they "are GOING to love each other". Skyler loves her brother, Zack is not convinced!