Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Volleyball banquet babes

Jimmy, Peyton and I were able to go to Sutton's volleyball banquet and we got to sit with real adults and everything! We never get to be with other adults so it was a wonderful treat. Reagan babysat the other kids and she did a fabulous job.

Sutton was beautiful and I get a little sentimental thinking yet again, we've attended another "last thing" with her. (*sniff sniff*)


Andrea said...

Aww! I'm sniffling for you! She is a beautiful young lady.

Gina said...

Sutton's dress is too cute! I'm sure you got it for close nothing too!

Anonymous said...
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Devin said...

thanks gina! we got it at dillards for like $35. i think it was like 60% off too!! lol. love you!!

Devin said...

Oops! Meant to say that the above comment was from me! I hacked into my mom's acct! LOL!