Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Things I know now that I am four years old...

Mommy doesn't laugh like Daddy does when I burp and toot.

I can make my six year old brother scream like a girl.

I like to hear my brother scream...a lot.

As soon as I go into a store, any store, I have to tinkle.

To make my sisters really angry, I just have to pop them on the rear. Yep, they love that.

My baby sister gets a lot of attention, but if I holler really loud, everyone notices me instead.

Why would I want to go to school when I can have Chik-Fil-A lunches with my dad and Target slurpies with my mom?

My family gets upset when I tinkle on the seat. They need to get a grip and be thankful they're not having to change my diapers.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers are way cool. I'm going to be both when I grow up.

When Daddy leaves town, he feels guilty and brings me candy.

My mommy doesn't smile when I:
- spill my milk the third time.
- get toothpaste on the bathroom ceiling.
- play hide-n-seek in a store.
- go visit the down-the-street neighbors without telling her.
- call people on her cell phone.
- tape feminine napkins to the walls.

I know she loves me though, because she tells me every day. I think she just needs a vacation.


Abbie said...

Toothpaste on the bathroom ceiling?? Now THAT is impressive young one!
Just be glad he isn't WEARING the feminine napkins. Oh boy do I have some good blackmail pictures involving some rather large pads and my darling 2 year old daughter.
Isn't it wild that they can do the most horrid things, but you really can't imagine your life without them??

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday, Landon! Love those overalls!