Thursday, November 22, 2007

We are all so thankful...

for a multitude of blessings:

Sutton (18): I am thankful for being fortunate enough to have a wonderful family who loves and provides for me. Oh, and that Thanksgiving is one day a year when my Dad's not grumpy."

Reagan (12 and totally a pre-teen): "I am thankful for family, friends, food, school, computer, TV, I-pods, babies, volleyball, God, teachers, clothes, art, movies, dogs, cats, horses, and Scooby Doo."

Keaton (10 and obviously has been thinking about this question): "I am thankful for God and for Jesus who died on the cross to take away our sins. I am thankful for our freedom because without it, there would be no children playing outside. I am thankful for the Pilgrims and the Indians because without them there would be no Thanksgiving. I am also very thankful that I was finally able to memorize the Declaration of Independence."

Hayden (6): "I am thankful for Mom, Dad, everybody in my family, and my teachers."

Landon (almost 4): "I am thankful for my warm jammies and my baby sister and that's all."

Peyton (6 months, as 'told' to Mommy): "I am thankful for french onion soup, ice cream, and cheesey grits."

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