Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hittin' the road

We're headed down south to begin our Thanksgiving festivities. We've got a pre-birthday party planned for soon-to-be four year old Landon; camo themed and he's beside himself with glee.

I'll be posting later today after we load up the chillins and skedaddle on back down to the country.


Andrea said...

Honey, I don't know how to tell you this, but...

You ARE in the South! Even if you do live in "North" Texas, it's still the south! :)

We're heading to the country, too, only we're just heading west to Arkansas to do so. We're still in the South, though. (This actually stems from a conversation I had this morning about whether Memphis was technically in the South.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Devin said...

You're right Andrea. We say "down south" like we are real northerners, huh?

I said to the baby the other day that she's a real southern girl because she likes grits. My husband chimed in, "She's not a southern girl. She's from Texas not Georgia." So we had a similar discussion then as well...I had to remind him of our geography. LOL!