Saturday, November 10, 2007

Tattle tale

As soon as Daddy walked in today from his four-day trip...

Hayden (6, in his best little snitch voice): "Dad, guess what Mom said while you were gone."

Dad: "I don't know, Hayden, what did Mom say?"

Hayden (mocking me quite poorly, I might add): "She said, 'Boys! I cannot wait until your father gets home.'"

Stinkin' little double-crosser.


Andrea said...

LOL! At least he was repeating something SAFE! I would be holding my breath while waiting to see what he was going to repeat, especially since I talk to myself out loud a lot.

jubilee said...

My six year old tattle has been known to report my words back to Daddy too. Is it a six year old thing? A boy and his mommy thing? Or a boy and his daddy thing? Yeah, that's probably it.