Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Safari stylin'

I'm a jungle man.

I'm a song-singing, spatula-wielding, boxer short-struttin', sweater vest-wearing, table-dancing jungle man.

And I mean business.


The Hull said...

I happened across your blog and it made me smile. lol...I am the oldest of seven. My brother used to dress like that ALL the time. Except his was tight PJ's with underwear over the top..Superman. Being the oldest I failed to recognize any humor in it. Now that I have five of my own I have so many fond memories growing up and love that I have a large family as well.

Devin said...

Unerwear OVER the top huh?! I get so tickled at the get-ups little boys concoct. Thankfully, we're past the red glove and bicycle helment wearing days when he insisted on both when we went out. Gotta love those boys!