Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Banishing Ben Franklin

We have a six year old who insists on getting up early. Now when I say early, I mean EARLY. Each morning the past few months (with rare exceptions) he hit the floor running a little after 5am; this morning it was 4:40.

I am usually already up and I ask him each day, "Hayden, why in the world are you up so early?"

His irritatingly constant reply: "Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." (He always smiles proudly afterwards like he's won some sort of contest or something. Pffftt.)

Ben Franklin...Ben Franklin wrote that ridiculously stupid little diddy that my son learned in school (Thank you so much Mrs. First Grade Teacher, you're a gem) and I am sick to death of hearing it each morning when he should be in dreamland, his little mind and body growing as he rests...in his bedroom.

Why do I care that he gets up so early? Well, let's just say that after he's been asleep and unable to talk for the past few hours, Hayden feels the need to make up for lost time. He not only talks, he rambles, he tells made-up jokes, he relays all the happenings from the day before (in great detail), he reads...aloud...very, very aloud; he picks, he heckles, he harasses; he orates (quite philosophically, I might add) on a boy's need for new scooter, a new skateboard, and a new bike, as well as a multitude of other guy-important topics that must be discussed...at 5am.

But worst of all, and this is the real mommy-tragedy, he forcibly infiltrates my "quiet time," that little window of opportunity in the life of a mother that is relatively kid-free, where you can think, pray, and mentally prepare for your day. I miss that time. I need that time.

So Mr Ben Franklin, I must ask you to leave my house. My son adores you and your famous quote and I appreciate the work ethic you endorse (Oh, and that hundred dollar bill thing is outstanding, by the way) but you must go. Go fast and go soon. I need my quiet time back, and as long as my six-year old is here, nothing is quiet.


Gina said...

Too, too funny!!

Andrea said...

Thank you so much for making me laugh this morning! I've added you to my blogroll because you did such a great job of entertaining me today, so I will be back. :)

(And please tell me those are tootsie roll sticks sticking out of your daughter's mouth! It took me forever to figure out what they probably were! Hehe)

Annikke said...

Totally relate to the perky early riser thing AND also relate to the "need my mommy time"!! We will survive, we will survive, we will survive........somehow!!! :o)

Andrea said...

Oh, and how DO you get those bows into Peyton's hair? I can't get mine to sit still long enough! (my child, not my hair)

Devin said...

Andrea, you've made my day. Thank you!

For Peyton's bows I use snap clips. You can find them on eBay in lots of different styles. They stay in and you can virtually put them in with one hand and they stay put...they are awesome! If you want a list of some sellers, I'd be glad to send them to you.

I'm off to check out your blog (I'm on a blogrole! YAY!)

Devin said...


You're right. I think "survive" is the perfect word for what I'm doing now. Barely keeping my head above water would also about cover it. LOL!

jubilee said...

My little guy (three yrs.) gets up at 5:30am. I am not a morning person, so all I am doing is sleeping -- or trying to sleep. Maybe if I try to be productive . . . things will change? Maybe I won't hold my breath.

Kelsey Kilgore said...

oh WHAT a cutie! all my boys get up crazy early too, but fortunately they don't know that particular quote yet.

Devin said...

I'm noticing a boy theme here to our early risers...hmmm...interesting.