Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Two birds, one stone

I still walk on my treadmill each night, and when Jimmy is gone, Sutton is kind enough to watch Landon for me. Last night she really needed to study for a test in her English class so I told her that I could handle Landon while I walked, she could just go ahead and study. She insisted that she had it all under control, I should get my exercise.

When I emerged from my room after my walk, I discovered that, indeed, Sutton had it all under control. The Wiggles were Toot Toot-ing their Big Red Car on the TV while Landon lounged lazily on the ever-studious big sis.

He was so content in this modified Lazy-Boy position that he protested fervently her attempts to go to her room. She acquiesced, agreeing to one more viewing of his show while she crammed for her vocabulary test.

Big sisters are so cool.


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful daughter, my oldest could learn from her

Gina said...

Sutton is going to miss all of this when she heads off to school...