Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Snap, crackle... MOM!

I make breakfast just about every morning. Sometimes on the weekends, Jimmy steps in and buys donuts or kolaches or something the kids enjoy. But for the most part breakfast is cooked and cereal is mainly a Sunday night dinner option.

This morning I got up and there were no eggs. I'm not sure how I missed noticing it, but without eggs, few of my breakfast recipes will work. I announced to Hayden and Keaton, who were hoping for Mickey Mouse pancakes, that this morning would be a cereal morning.

Hayden was just a little devastated and grumpily headed to the cereal cabinet. After several minutes of poking and prodding every cereal box we have, he decided on one. Keaton helped him with the bowl and milk and I went to finish my ironing in the laundry room.

Hayden yelled, "Mom! I think you need to come and hear this!"

Mom: "What's the problem?"

Hayden: "Something is wrong with my cereal."

Mom: "What's wrong with it?"

Hayden: "It's making these funny noises. I think it's talking to me!"

Keaton, never one to steer clear of an opportunity to harass her little brother, realized that Hayden had never had this cereal before and said in a spooky, eerie voice, her fingers bent like a witch, "Is it saying 'Haaaaaaaaayden....HAAAAAAAAYDEN!' Why are you eating me?"

Hayden (defensively, but obviously unsure why): "NO!" (And then sheepishly): "I can't tell what it's saying to me, Keaton."

As I tried, somewhat successfully, to stifle my laughter, I assured him that Rice Krispies always make that noise and his cereal was definitely not speaking to him.

I'll be getting some eggs today for a regular breakfast...I can't take a chance on what the Pop Tarts might say to him tomorrow.

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